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How can worms help you with your business?

If you are a producer, talking about the environement is nice and definitely matters, but talking about numbers helps to understand the value of products and services. While sustainability come more and more into the focus of consumers, we at Nordic Worming are keen to offer our customers the means of giving the answer: "Yes, we are sustainable!".

So let us start by having a closer look at some of the purely economical advantages that the use of vermicompost might bring to your business:

icongreen leavesUp to 120% more fruits

Research proved that the addition of humic acid (extracted from vermicompost) to the planting medium can increase fruit production of strawberries from an average 5 fruit per plant for the control group up to 11 fruit per plant for the vermicompost group. This effect is independent from the concentration of available nutrients. Other plants tested were marigolds, tomatoes and peppers. Humic acid also stimulates the leaf growth and production of lateral roots, with an overall healthier plant as a result.

You can find this publication and others in our "Links" section.

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icongreen exclamationSpend less, get more!

A 2000 published study has shown that all of the positive effects from adding vermicompost to the planting medium were reached with concentrations from 10 to 40 percent of vermicompost in the mix.

That might seem a relatively high quantity if compared to liquid fertilizer, but it is important to remember that only one application is enough to cover a plant’s needs for many weeks!

If you want to increase your productivity and reduce your costs at the same time, vermicompost is the ideal helper, providing slow released nutrients, improving the granulosity of the soil, equalizing pH levels and retaining humidity.

You will find more data in our "Facts & Numbers" section.

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icongreen binGET Rewarded for managing your waste

We want to go one step further than "traditional" waste management. Instead of just taking things from your yard and leaving empty bins, sometimes we reverse the flow...

If you are a producer, you can claim a percentage of your choice from the vermicompost we produced with your biomass against a small fee: we call this Payback.

Depending on the amount of biomass provided and the percentage you chose, Payback can provide you with vermicompost for virtually everything, starting from a few plants up to a whole field or more.

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