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Matokäyttöinen biomassan kierrätys

How can worms help you with your garden? 

Not only professionals can benefit from the incredible power that lies within vermicompost and its by-products. The advantages listed for professionals apply as well to a private garden or flower bed.

If you grow vegetables for you own consumption, how you feed them plays a main role when it comes to taste, quality and quantity of the end product.

icongreen wormThe smarter choice

Worms are the only animals known to men, that have the incredibe ability to produce top soil. We all live, feed and die on a thin crust of about 30cm that is the only part of the soil able to sustain vegetal life. Worms play the biggest role in the delicate regeneration process of the top soil, by adding nutrients to it through their droppings.

Feeding the plants in your garden with vermicompost is giving them the same food that nature gives them - in it's purest, concentrated form.

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icongreen ideaThe healthier choice

Let's put it like this: it doesn't matter what your meaning on global warming is. There is no reason why any of us should pollute air, soil or water by simple lazyness.

By recycling biomass, we can cover all elements with one solution. The atmosphere will not have to deal with methane and CO², the soil be improved through addition of (vermi)compost and the water not be overloaded with chemicals potentially harmful to flora and fauna and, in the end, to us.

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icongreen feetThe local choice

At Nordic Worming we strive to produce locally, close to the customer. Reducing the need to move material across the country, we are able to have an extremely slender ecological footprint.

Our customers can be certain that the fertilizer of their choice has been produced somewhere in the vicinity, without surface mining, transoceanic shipping or any other process that might harm nature and people, be it here or abroad.

Supporting local farming businesses - not only us! - is the best way towards a sustainable agriculture and responsible use of ressources.

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