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Matokäyttöinen biomassan kierrätys

On-site recycling


If you are a producer, you can save hundreds or even thousands of Euros with the use of vermicompost. Already in the middle of the 1980's, the Austrian city of Linz was able to save the equivalent of 100'000 € yearly in fertilizer and pesticides by using compost and vermicompost for their 35 ha. of parks and green areas. Simply by composting what they would have been throwing away otherwise: grass, leaves and branches.

You might think that your usual fertilization is equal in price or even cheaper than vermicompost, but consider the potential benefits of bigger, healthier fruit, more of them selling in a better quality category. Or, if it's the quantity that matters, imagine increasing your harvest by up to 30%.

The next logical question being: why should you buy vermicompost if you could produce it yourself?

We at Nordic Worming can help you set up and run your own worm farm, even if you're not producing around the year.

See yourself almost free from fertilizing AND waste management costs within short time.

Please contact us, and we will find a solution that best suits your needs.

 Non-growing businesses

Even if your business isn't directly involved with agricultural production but your company is producing bigger quantities of waste biomass, you can benefit from on-site recycling. On one hand by saving bio-waste collection and treatment fees, on the other by selling the produced castings or by geting a proportional price reduction on the service.


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